A Day in the Life of Ree || Tag

Lookit me getting all fancy now and making a blog tag. :D Here tis, mah friends. The "Day in the Life of Me" tag. All ya do is write a post with what the average day in the life of lovely you looks like, and either tag specific bloggers or leave it open to anyone!


1. Title: "A Day in the Life of (your name) || Tag"

2. Make sure to include this picture >> and link back to the person who tagged you. :)

3. Include the rules in your post. ;)

4. Write out a schedule of what your average day looks like!

5. Tag bloggers (or leave it open for anyone to do)


And now onto my daily routine!

6:50 ~ wake up, make bed, get dressed, devotions, shower

7:30 ~ come up and make breakfast for myself and anyone else who's awake

8:00 ~ clean up kitchen/dining room and fold any laundry by myself with siblings

8:45 ~ start school (History, Government, Latin)

10:00 ~ pantry raid ;) walk around/stretch, and then eat my snack while working on school

12:00 ~ come up and help make lunch/eat/clean up

1:00 ~ back to school (Math, Anatomy, Art/Sewing)

3:00 ~ another pantry raid - usually chocolate or something sweet - walk around/stretch - back to school

5:00 ~ up for dinner prep and chores

5:30 ~ dinner

6:00 ~ clean up kitchen/dining room by myself with brothers

7:00 ~ dad leaves for work, evening free time if school is done . usually sewing, drawing, reading, baking, or Pinterest :)

9:00 ~ brush teeth with kiddos and Family Worship (Bible and singing)

9:45 ~ messaging friends, blogging, working on my books, working on graphics for friends, etc (i.e. computer time)

11:30 ~ sleep :)

This is me on a day when I'm not procrastinating. Which is always. So this is my day never when I'm on the ball and being an adult. ;) Usually my best days are Mondays and Tuesdays. :D

Ya'll are tagged!! Let me know if you do it!!

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