Word of the Month || Wanderlust


  1. a strong desire or impulse to travel, wander, escape.



A Day in the Life of Ree || Tag

Lookit me getting all fancy now and making a blog tag. :D Here tis, mah friends. The "Day in the Life of Me" tag. All ya do is write a post with what the average day in the life of lovely you looks like, and either tag specific bloggers or leave it open to anyone!


6 Reasons Why Leia is the Best Princess

Ah, the lovely Princess Organza, played by the late Carrie Fisher, has got to be my favorite fictional princess.


She sarcastic and witty and brave and fearless. Full of comebacks, never a shirker of battles, and always ready to take care of those under her care.

A general, a princess, and one strong with the force, you have to admit she's one of the best.

Plus she's with Han Solo, so I mean, that automatically bumps her status up. ;)

Here's six reasons why I think Leia is the best princess.


Staying Organized | Part I

The hardest thing for me, whether during the school year or not, is staying organized and keeping all my *crap* in order. During the school year especially, I have found that 1) having a specific spot for everything 2) having a specific job for everything (i.e. not having stuff that I don't need) and 3) knowing where to find everything when I need it makes my life a bazillion times easier.

All that to say, I'm starting a series on "how to keep your crap in order and stay sane during the school year". Only I thought that title was too long, so my working title is "Staying Organized". Succinct but lame. ;)

This week's topic:

The Planner